Sunday, September 2, 2012

Enjoy the Life You Have This Moment!!

Today I re-learned a profound truth that struck me so deeply. Our Relief Society president talked about our lives and how far too often we want the next step, next step, next step. What happens when all we are desiring is the next step in our lives, we skip out on learning the things we need to learn in order to get to that next step. 

In our culture it is expected to get married in your early to mid 20's, and procreate and live happily ever after. What was suggested today that really resonated with me was that we will only get this opportunity once in our life to truly and sincerely focus on ourselves, bettering and making ourselves stronger individuals. Never again for the rest of our lives will we have the unique chance to develop our talents, develop our abilities on the level that we do today. If we focus on bettering ourselves, and being the person that the Lord needs us to be, in time we will be ready for that next step when it comes. The Lord is in charge of every step in our lives, and he has many things to teach us all along the path, and when we are only focusing on the next step in our lives, we fail to recognize the powerful and beautiful lessons that our Father in Heaven has in store for us. 

I know that it is when we live in the very moment in our lives, and focus on bettering ourselves, no matter what, that is when we find happiness, and become more attractive to all persons because we are on the road to discovering who we are and who we need to be. When I focus on me, and bettering who I need to be, both temporally and spiritually, that is when I am the happiest with myself. The Lord wants us all to experience life at it's fullest. He doesn't want us to sit and wait for life to come to us, he wants us to go and find meaning in life. Developing new talents, new aspirations, new meaning, new learning etc. He wants us to return to him saying I gave it my all, and I lived everyday to the max! For truly the only thing that we can take with us in the next life is our knowledge, and I want the opportunity to say that I utilized my time, and expanded myself beyond my imagination. I feel that when we desire to learn more, that is when the Lord helps us expand our knowledge. I want to live life, enjoying every step in my life, and bettering myself everyday. The good habits that I form now will carry over whenever I am ready for that next step in my life. Until then, I will learn, grow and develop, and not rush what the Lord needs to teach me, and see his beauty in the journey that he has picked for me, and know that my growing is only unique to me and nobody else. 

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